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The Odd Get Even

In 2006 I was recording an album for an artist at Spotless Digital in Ocean Beach, CA and asked Sean Power, engineer extraordinaire "could I have ten minutes of time to warm up, and will you record me?" And so I banged out two "Rhythmic Sketches"; basically, songs without melodic content. Wireframes if you will, as dictated by percussive dynamics.

I will delve into the whole story later, but for now I wanted to hip you to my newest album release from my project "The Odd Get Even" that is partly mostly the braindroppings of one Bill Cornish, keyboardist and composer.

reddit scoreboard

Imagine, if you will a giant...no GINORMOUS "Information Desk" that's smack in the middle of a sea of humanity. There's queues ("Subreddits" or "Subs") for subjects no matter how arcane, vulgar, pedestrian or specialized that allow pretty much anyone to come in and offer their knowledge to those asking questions about said subject matter and a comment section under each post to further the conversation. Thing is, you don't even have to be an expert in the subject in which you find yourself enlightening the masses. Welcome to Reddit, the juggernaut that is owned by the Conde Nast corporation and has a worldwide readership.

Denizens of Reddit ("Redditors") are largely in the teen-to-25yr old bracket, but it's far from a "kiddie website". The demographic spans all generations. Reddit has done some pretty amazing things in its lifespan; the average Redditor seems to have some semblance of altruism to their personae and overall, it's a positive experience. Except when it's not.

I had a great time at NAMM! Please enjoy a couple of videos while I parse all the other stuff to present to you. :D

OK so here's my Rick James/Ike Turner story: We played in Birmingham, AL at a festival and RJ was on the bill. Ike and Rick used to hang out when Bolic studios was around.

So I'm at the festival, sitting with Ike to my left and Rick to my right and they began to recant days gone by. This is kinda how it went, albeit not exactly in order but this was the gist of the conversation:

Ike: "Hey man, remember the time we were out in the Rolls (Royce, car) drivin' and we usedta keep that bowl of cocaine in the car?"

Rick: "Yeah man that thing was like a SALAD BOWL..." (Apparently they used to drive around with a Scarface-sized mountain of blow in the car)

This is a topic that has been covered many, many times by a slough of other writers. However as someone who has built many a website in the music industry, feel that a couple of salient points have been missed.

Put Your Calendar To Work For You!

Whenever I get asked to install a calendar for a band instead of searching for the latest "plugin" for Wordpress or "component" for Joomla! (my preferred CMS platform) the thought is "how do I get others to notice where the next show is?" The answer to that is through an aggregator such as Reverbnation.com's calendar or my favorite, ArtistData.com. So when you place a date on the calendar it not only shows up on your website but also it goes out to several outlets. Reverbnation promotes your shows on their site, in the area where it's happening on their "calendar of local events" as well as anyone else who pulls the ReverbNation feed onto their site.

Same with Artist Data, but they are linked in to "Sonicbids" which long ago established itself as the "EPK experts". (What's an EPK? An "Electronic Press Kit"... something you need...)

Some Vimeo video I remembered.

The footage begins with video from Paris, France and ends up with the return trip from Amersfoort to Ermelo, Holland with a few creative liberties. The drum track began as a drum solo as a warm-up for another artist's session. Bill Cornish created the music to overlay it. http://theoddgeteven.com is where you may get more info on this project.

For licensing info contact me.

I'll just leave this post from my Facebook wall here. I have great friends. :D

Just putting this out there. I gotta keep pressure on all sides of this until I get settled in to somewhere. You need a...

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