"Codex Tempore" is a musical collaboration that began between drummer Bill Ray in San Diego / Seattle and Tobias Weber in Germany. The tunes are composed from Bill Ray's extemporaneous drum performances ergo "Rhythmic Sketches". Says BR- "I play to a song in my head which is more of a "tuneless whistle", and Tobias comes up with things that make sense musically".

This whole thing began on the pioneering music collaboration website ccMixter when Tobias Weber began to use Bill Ray's drum tracks on projects, and a musical friendship emerged.

At some point, Bill remarked to Tobias "maybe we ought to do an album..." after about 12 months and a few stops along the way to include other great performers...it would appear as if "we have arrived at our destination".

And what it has wrought is an album filled with interesting prog-rock inspired mini-opus, rockin' Blues tunes, unusual twisty Funk bits and some cool surprises along the way.

Collaboration is the way forward

It was said many years ago...

"In "The FUTURE" anyone will be able to pick up a musical instrument and produce mellifluous sounds as if professionally trained."

And look where we are now.