"Behold Electric Guitar"

When I was living my final days in San Diego in 2015, I met PG at a guitar workshop (Guitar Workshop Plus, out of Toronto) where I was an instructor. PG asked us "staff musicians" to play behind him and who could say "NO" to an offer such as that? We played well together and even better, vibed incredibly and both discovered we were about to move northwards...

So 8/15/15 I arrived in the Pacific Northwest for a fresh start to my musical career; 26 years in Southern California was enough for me, having been raised in Mississippi for the first two decades of my life and I needed some rain! So Seattle it was... Got a fresh start in the local music scene, began meeting folks and hanging out and then one day PG calls me up and says "Hey I just moved to the PNW too, down in Portland... let's record!" and a few days later, I was at Opal Studio in Portland, sitting down with PG and Damian Erskine, recording tunes!

So about a week ago (9/9/18) I was at a gig in Mill Creek, WA standing aroundon break and I get an email from PG asking if I could do some tour dates (9/25/18 - 9/28/18) and with my affirmative answer of "HELLS YEAS I CAN" I was invited down to finish his forthcoming album.

And it was at the end of this session on Wednesday (9/12/18) I received the CD that I played on; it's a Japanese import that can be gotten here. Paul Gilbert PG-30 on Amazon

I'm extremely grateful to the people who helped to facilitate this. Such relationships see their beginnings through other people and it would be remiss were I to not thank them. Brian Murray of Guitar Workshop Plus and Wayne Riker (who brought me on board). This is all them.

And the new friends I met at the session in PDX; Justin Phelps (engineer) at Hallowed Halls Studio, John Cuniberti (producer), Asher Fulero (keys) and Roland Guerin (bass). It was a magical week and the music is gonna be insane!

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