OK so here's my Rick James/Ike Turner story: We played in Birmingham, AL at a festival and RJ was on the bill. Ike and Rick used to hang out when Bolic studios was around.

So I'm at the festival, sitting with Ike to my left and Rick to my right and they began to recant days gone by. This is kinda how it went, albeit not exactly in order but this was the gist of the conversation:

Ike: "Hey man, remember the time we were out in the Rolls (Royce, car) drivin' and we usedta keep that bowl of cocaine in the car?"

Rick: "Yeah man that thing was like a SALAD BOWL..." (Apparently they used to drive around with a Scarface-sized mountain of blow in the car)

Ike: "Yeah man, the po-lice drove up on us and we was freakin' out... man, I swerved a little and that shit went flyin' into the floorboard..."

Rick: "Yeah man, then what'd you do? Tell'em what we didn Ike!"

Ike: "Man there was cocaine all over the fuckin' place, it was in the floorboard and then the COP, he turnt on the siren and we was pulled over..."

Ike: "So I told Rick to put this shit (the cocaine) on his clothes, face, arms, etc... I did the same..."

Rick: "Yeah man then the cop come up and shine the light in the car and was like "man what the hell happened to you guys?"

Ike: "Uh, yessir, man look here, we been in the studio all day sandin' down drywall and we on the way to Home Depot to pick up some more mud"

Cop: "Well you guys have a good night..."

I swear it really happened. It was one of those gigs where Camera phones were not at the peak of their performance (2004) so I didn't get a pic and I'm bummed about that.

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